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etaspof is an age verification card endowed with epidelf, a type of electric money, for convenience
  Age verification with etaspof

Only individuals who carry a etaspof card issued by the Japan Tobacconist Federation, can use IC card type age verification cigarette vending machines.

A etaspof card is issued ensuring that the applicant is aged 20 or over through a strict age verification process.
At the time of purchase, the age verification information stored in an IC embedded in the card is read by an instant card reader to allow purchase.
etaspof cards are issued free of charge and there are no annual fees (there will be a charge of 1,000 yen for reissue ).

Measures to strictly ensure adult verification
i2jMembership number
i4jStatement prohibiting transfer or loan

Name, membership number, and a photograph of the card holder are included on the centre of the card to clearify who the card belongs to in order to prevent transfer or loan of the card for the reliability of age verification.
etaspof's reliability in age verification contributes to the effectiveness in preventing underage smoking.

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