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etaspof was introduced nationwide in July 2008. Apply early! (No administration or membership fees)
Eligible individuals
Anyone residing in Japan aged 20 or older may apply for etaspof.
How to apply
(1)Obtain an application form.
¡Download online
Application forms can also be downloaded from this website. (the address can also be keyed-in).
You can download a PDF copy.
(2)Prepare the necessary documents.
œPrepare a copy of one of the following documents.
Identification documents
EDriverfs license@EHealth insurance card@EBasic resident register card (with photograph)@EPension book
EWelfare certificates (physical disability certificate, learning disability certificate, mental disability certificate)
EResident Card / Special Permanent Resident Certificate (Alien Registration Certificate)@ECertificate of residence (copy) *Certificate of residence (copy) with Individual Number printed is not acceptable.
EThe front side of Individual Number Card *The back side is not acceptable.

*Individuals who are unable to prepare any of the above identification documents sould click here.
*Identification documents must have your present address listed. If not, please submit a copy of your utility statement.
*Notification Card or identification documents with Individual Number printed is not acceptable, as the identity confirmation document necessary for application.
œPlease prepare photograph of your face. Photograph space  Photograph size: 45mm(L)~35mm(W)
E45mm(L) x 35mm(W)
EA photograph taken within the past three months
(front of face against a plain background
without a hat, sunglasses or mask)
* If the above conditions are met,
photographs other than the ID photos are accepted.
(3)Complete the application form and send it by post.
œYour completed application form must have a photograph and a copy of your identification document attached before sending in the envelope provided.
* Please note that the application documents (application form, photograph, copy of identification document, and any other documents enclosed) are not returnable.
Your etaspof card will be delivered within three weeks.
œYour etaspof card will be sent by registerd mail.
*etaspof is free of administration and annual membership fees.
Get an application form now
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