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Application is easy. Remember of seal or signature and personal identification papers. * We cannot issue your card if no seal or signature is present.
Front of application form
Please write clearly using a black ball pen.
Please do not forget to write the reading for your name in katakana or in English letters. (When writing in English, please print all letters.) If you have a middle name, please write that name in the gFirst Nameh field along with your first name. (We cannot issue your card if you do not fill out the reading for your name.)
Please write the same name as shown on your personal identification papers. If you have a middle name, please write that name in the gFirst Nameh field along with your first name.* Do not use abbreviations
Check the appropriate Japanese calendar year (Meiji, Taisho, Showa, or Heisei) or if you prefer, check  Western calendar year if you want to enter your birthday in standard Western format, and write your birth year starting from the leftmost box. Fill out your birthday in year/month/day order in Arabic numerals.
Please use Chinese characters for the ¸taspo¸ mailing address@In addition to your home address, you can also use your business or similar address.
* Sending of the 'taspo' card is limited to addresses within Japan.
Front of application form *The design of the actual application form may vary.
Notes and Cautions Regarding Facial Portraits
Back of application form
Attach a copy of a document with your address printed on it.
¡  Driver license   ¡Health insurance certificata   ¡Basic resident register card(with photograph)   ¡Pension book   ¡Welfare certificate (physical disability certificate, mental disability certificate, mentally disabled welfare certificate)   ¡Resident Card / Special Permanent Resident Certificate (Alien Registration Certificate)  ¡Certificate of residence (copy) (issued within last six months)@* Please copy identity verification documents.* Please provide valid documents for those documents with a specified period of validity 
* Please copy documents in such a way that the issuer of the identity verification document is clearly visible.*If your address has already been changed, please also make a copy of the area(s) signifying this change and attach it along with your other identification papers.*In some cases, attached documents may peel off when pasted on with glue. Please secure all attached papers with Pg 3 uses "sellotape" to prevent this from happening.
For Alien Registration Cards@Make a photocopy so  that all information is visible.
Please ensure that the copy is clear and can be read easily.
Back of application form
Note: Only required if the address listed on your personal identification document is different from your actual place of residence.
Final Checks@Have you entered all the required information?@Have you attached a photo?@Have you attached a copy of your identification document?
Guidance PDF Download
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Please download here (free of charge).
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